Our deer fencing is the ultimate solution, if your property is continuously being damaged by deer.


Deer Fence
Deer Fence

Our deer fencing is manufactured from the highest quality materials and provides you with maximum flexibility, strength and durability.

Deer Fence Kits
Benner's Fencing Kits

Our deer fencing kits are easy to install and come with everything you need for a smooth and proper installation.

Deer Fence Access Gates
Access Gates

Our access gates are of the highest quality tubular steel construction and are rugged, yet easy to install. Our deer fence access gates give you a strong, easy way to access your property.

Deer Fence Driveway Gates
Driveway Gates and Grates

Our driveway gates and grates will give you the ultimate protection against deer. Keep deer out while having easy access to your property.

Deer Fence Installation Tools
Accessories & Tools

Our fencing tools and accessories make your deer fence installation quick and easy! We carry the tools and tensioning accessories to make your fencing system durable and strong. 

Deer Fence Post and accessories
Posts and Post Accessories

Shop our deer fence posts, accessories, installation tools and animal barriers.

Fence Extention Kit
Conversion Extension Kits

Our fence extension and conversion kits can help you turn your existing fence into a fully enclosed fencing system for complete protection.

Garden Fence Kits
Garden Fence Kits

Keep animals like rabbits, raccoons, and more out of your garden with a durable, long-lasting garden fence kit from Benner’s.

Farming Fence Kits
Pet & Farm Fencing Kits

At Benner’s Gardens we offer fencing kits that will keep your pets and farm animals in a safe area, no matter their size.  

Hex Wire Fence Rolls
Rodent Barrier & Hex Wire Fence

At Benner's Gardens, we offer strong hex wire fencing that you can add to your deer fencing to protect against small animals and rodents.

Deer Repellant
Deer and Animal Repellent

For the best in deer and animal protection, turn to our deer and animal repellents for your plants and landscaping.

Turf Protection Matting
Turf Protection Products

If you're looking to protect your turf against rutting and other damage, our turf protection products are built tough and can help.

Bird Netting
Bird Netting

At Benner's Gardens, we offer quality bird netting in a variety of strengths to help you protect your property.

Metal Wire Fence
Metal Deer Fence

High strength metal deer fencing is great to protect your property, prevent damage and protection against domestic and wildlife animal incidents.

Benner's Gardens is the leader in deer fencing, garden fencing and wildlife protection systems for over 15 years.

Benner's Gardens was founded in 1992, we have been the leaders in deer fencing and wildlife protection systems for over 15 years! During that time, we have created the ultimate deer fencing system that is extremely effective, durable and “virtually invisible”. It blends right into your landscape!


The secret to our deer fencing is not only its tremendous strength, but also its invisibility to deer. Properly installed, our material will even repel a large deer moving at full speed! Our deer fencing materials are constructed from the finest polypropylene materials and have UV stabilizers and inhibiters added into the construction to ensure the longest life for our products (as long as 15-20 years for our Advantage Plus Fencing). Our deer fencing is also extruded in such a way as to provide a unique combination of incredible strength, invisibility, and workability. Benner's Deer Fencing is a high-strength, weather resistant polypropylene mesh grid that has become the deer control method of choice for keeping deer out of garden areas or entire areas, without changing the aesthetics of the site.

rodent fenceDeer Fence Control deer with deer fence

Don't forget about those chewing critters! Our Rodent/Chew Guard Barrier is just the thing to keep those destructive little animals at bay!

We offer complete deer detterent systems and all the neccessary accessories including: support posts, ground stakes, installation tools, nylon tension cable, access gates, and options for driveway entrance protection. When you install one of our virtually invisible deer fence barriers on your property, it will ensure you years of  protection from destructive deer. We also offer competitive pet and wildlife deterrent and enclosure solutions through our high deer fence, animal repellents, dog enclosures and rodent barriers. As the leaders in deer protection and wildlife control, we have helped thousands of homeowners, landscape professionals, growers and many more, solve their deer problems once and for all. For over two decades, we have worked to keep deer out without changing your view.

Benner’s Gardens introduces…GROUND PROTECTION SOLUTIONS!

Are you tired of muddy ruts in your lawn and grassy areas from machinery, vehicle, or pedestrian traffic? Benner’s Gardens has your solution! Available in three levels of protection, these environmentally friendly, mesh-like protection mats are lightweight and easy to install. Depending on the level of protection that you choose, they can handle from 2 tons per axle load to up to 20 tons per axle load!

Is putting up a fence not an option? Try our 1 FOR ALL Deer and Animal Repellent!

Benner’s Gardens now offers an all-natural animal repellent that will not only keep deer off of your landscape and gardens, but it is also proven to repel rabbits, groundhogs, squirrels, chipmunks and even mice! This specially-formulated repellent will even repel rain and water for up to 3 months!

Unmatched Support and Customer Service

Customer Service is our TOP priority! We are committed to providing our customers with the safest and best products for all of your wildlife protection needs. We work hard to make sure that you are completely satisfied with all of our products and services. After many years of taking on the deer and winning, we have lots of valuable information to share. We offer support to help you plan your installation or repairs. Detailed, step-by-step installation instructions are listed on our website to help make installing a Benner's deer fencing system easy!  We welcome your questions, comments, and concerns.

If you have any questions while shopping, please contact us. We are happy to help you!

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