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Metal Garden Fence

This category page lists all of our metal garden fence rolls

Fence rolls are listed by height x length - for example, a metal garden fence roll listed as 6 x 150 is 6 feet high by 150 feet long.

Different strengths, heights and opening sizes of this fencing are used for different reasons. This metal garden fencing can be used as a stand alone fence or as a chew barrier paired with our poly fence rolls (a larger opening size up top  usually 2x2 with a smaller opening size on the bottom, for example 1x1). 

Note on opening size: we specialize in all different types fencing to keep animals in or out. There are many types of metal garden fencing that can be used depending on the application. This type of fencing is also not very visible from a distance and will disappear from 25 feet away. Fence mesh with opening sizes greater than 4" can trap and hurt animals like deer for example, Google link: animals caught in fence - this can also apply to your gardens if you use mesh with a 4" opening size, like traditional field fence or farm fence. In general, the smaller the opening size the more animals you will be able to keep out successfully. The most common opening size for a metal garden fence is one inch - although, the trend towards 1/2x1/2 on the bottom has become increasingly more popular. 

Note on our metal garden fencing: there are many types of fencing to keep animals in or out. To successfully create a fence to keep animals in or out, typically the bottom of the fence is bent into the shape of an L and staked to the ground, or buried inside the ground to prevent animals from digging down under the fence for access. For this reason and to ensure the fence lasts for years, we only produce and ship wire fence that is hot dip galvanized after weaving or welding. This means that the wire fence is made, then the entire fence is dipped in zinc to galvanize it (covering all the welds or joints), then if applicable it's black PVC coated. Our wire fence is engineered for fence to soil contact. You may see other product in stores or online stated as hot dip galvanized - but - it's before weaving or welding. That means the wire itself is galvanized then they produce the wire mesh, then coat it. The welds or joints are not galvanized. It's a slight but important difference in how long your fence will last over time. 

Metal Garden Fencing Height

There are many factors to consider when deciding what height to choose:

Is your garden 100 linear feet or less? (linear feet is footage as if you measured with a tape measure). If so, most customers choose a 6ft or 7ft fence for this size garden fence area. Deer are less likely to jump inside a small enclosed space.

Is your garden 300 linear feet or more? If so, must customers choose a 7 ½ foot finished height fence or an 8 foot fence. When deer are given more area to run and jump a taller fence is used. The trend has been to go higher and higher over the years.

Are you in an area with moderate snow and ice? You may want to add tensioning to your garden fence. Our garden fence kits with tensioning include two layers of cable - one at the top and one towards the bottom. This tensioned cable holds fence up when a force pulls down on the fence (snow, ice). It also holds tight when deer for example use their nose to push up under a fence for access.

Metal Garden Fence Opening Size

  • Critterfence Steel Grid: 2” opening size (includes 2x4) – typically only used for large animals only like deer and elk or as top mesh usually paired with a smaller opening size base for small animals
  • Critterfence Steel Grid and Steel Web: 1" opening size – most popular – typically used for most garden fences – suitable for in ground burial 
  • Critterfence Steel Grid: 1/2" to 1/4” opening size - keeps out most any animals including moles/voles and snakes - black PVC coated hot dip galvanized mesh, suitable for in ground burial

Below are the different types of garden fence rolls only (just rolls of fence customers use for their gardens). If you need a complete kit, or help choosing what you need, please start here:  Compare Garden Fence Kits With Posts

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Metal Garden Fence Frequently Asked Questions

What is small metal garden fencing?
Small metal garden fencing typically refers to a one inch or smaller opening size metal fence, or fence with a one inch or smaller opening size bottom. Rabbits and other rodents can push through 1 ½ inch openings to access your garden. The smaller the opening size, the more animals you can keep out.
How is this type of fencing different from decorative metal garden fence panels?
These types of metal garden fences have small opening sizes are buried at the bottom of the fence or overlapped and pinned to the ground with stakes to prevent animals from digging under the fence. This is an important distinction between what you may see in big box stores (hammer in garden fence panels).
Is metal garden fencing more expensive than wood?
Yes. In most cases, metal is more expensive than wood. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Metal fencing with posts and framing will last longer, is easier to install and is less visible. Wood does not last as long, has a different design/look and takes longer to install. A common blend of metal garden fence design includes wood framing (top, sides and bottom with posts) paired with a small opening size metal mesh in the middle. Overall, it really comes down to preference and how you want your project to look in the end.
What is the best metal garden fence?
The best metal garden fence effectively keeps out all the animals you are trying to stop from eating your plants. This varies greatly depending on the types of plants and the types of animals in your area. For example, a berry enclosure needs four sides and a top with smaller opening size fencing to keep out birds.
What are the best metal garden fences for 2023?
The best and most common metal garden fence for 2023 (compared to traditional, older metal garden fence types) is one that keeps out more animals with smaller opening size mesh overlapped and pinned to the ground or buried in the ground.
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