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Hemp Drying Mesh -

A great way to dry out your hemp, cannabis and other similar plants would be to hang it from our Critterfence 650 or 700 garden fencing! We find it’s excellent when used as hemp drying mesh. You will also need to make sure the air is circulating properly and the lighting is correct for your hemp, cannabis and other plants to dry out in the quickest and most efficient way possible, as to be expected.

Our fencing is available in various roll sizes and lengths to meet your drying needs. Simply unroll the length you need and cut using pruning shears, which work the best for cutting this material. Hemp buds, cannabis buds and other plant material need to have their water content reduced in order for the drying to process to work effectively and allowing them to spread out in the air while giving them a place to hang from is an excellent choice. Plus, this material is compliant with the FDA and is BPA.

Our poly garden fence in either the 650 or 700 series can meet your needs. The opening size is 2 inch by 2 inch or 1 inch by 1 inch, depending on how large or small the cannabis or hemp plant matter is that you want to dry out. You will find that other plants such as herbs can be hung from it as well. You can hang the fence either vertically or horizontally and tie or lay the plant matter from it to get the most effective result in your space.

Many of our fence rolls include free shipping and can be used over and over and easy to maintain and clean.

Garden Fence Marijuana Drying Netting or Cannabis Drying Netting 

Why would you dry out hemp, cannabis, or marijuana as well as other herbs? Drying plants will preserve their potency as well as increase the ways they can be utilized. If you want to dry out plants, a good choice is to use our fence.

To use poly garden fence to dry marijuana, the fence can be used indoors, which is recommended, with proper air circulation and lighting. Otherwise, outdoor drying can also have an excellent result, but you would need to take more precautions such as making sure the drying cannabis is in an area that is protected from people and animals (the same poly garden fence material can also be used for animal protection). If you can ensure the proper protection for your marijuana plants, outdoor drying can occur very quickly due to the heat from the sun and air circulation from the wind.

Other uses - using this garden fence as cannabis tray liners and plant support netting

For lining trays: poly garden fence cut up as tray liners is an excellent use of the marijuana drying netting. The fence is light and easy to manipulate into shapes and sizes that are desirable for your use. Also it is easy to clean, as dirt and material can by easily wiped off the non-stick surface. It can be washed and reused over and over again.

Besides for drying purposes, the fence can also be used in other ways to support your plant growing needs. It can be used as trellis netting for plants with climbing vines such as tomato plants, cucumber plants, squash plants and even grapevines!

Our poly garden fence is manufactured in different lengths and heights and can be used for different purposes, but for your hemp, cannabis, and marijuana drying needs, it is an easy and inexpensive way to dry out your plant in a most effective manner.

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