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Here, you'll find components, parts and tools to create a cat fence. These are the same components we use to make up our cat fence kits. Tension cable, installation tools and parts related to tensioning a cat fence are found here: Cat Fence Tensioning

CAT Fence Ties

These fence ties are used to splice pieces of cat fencing poly mesh together, cat fencing poly to steel or to attach any type of cat fencing to posts. They are available in black nylon or black stainless steel.

Our black nylon fence ties are heavy duty outdoor rated versions of cable ties or zip ties found in stores. They are engineered for 120 pounds of breaking strength and designed for outdoor use with UV protection. Standard indoor ties will get brittle in sunlight and eventually break off. Standard store ties are usually 40lb breaking strength.

Use 8" fence ties for our standard 1 5/8 posts and 14" fence ties for our 2 1/2 posts.

Tie cutter puller tools are available for both types of fence ties. They pull each tie tight and also snip off the excess tie when you pull the handle on the tool. If you have a lot of ties to do, these tools will save you time - especially with the stainless steel ties. Many cat fence ties are used on no-climb post extenders for example.

CAT Fence Bottom Ground Stakes

These cat fence ground stakes are used to fasten the bottom of a fence to the ground. For cats, we suggest one ground stake every 2 feet or less. The standard installation method would be where you use 6" of fencing overlapped onto the ground, then use these bottom ground stakes to pin that overlapped fencing to the ground. For more dig protection, use more than 6" of overlap on the ground - 12" or more for example.

This prevents cats from being able to push up under your fence or from being able to dig under the fence.

Cat Fence Post Parts, Gate Parts & Installation Tools

Individual parts, replacement parts for your cat fence kit and different types of installation tools

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