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Here, you'll find smaller cat fence access gates as well as larger cat fence driveway sized access gates. These gates include support posts on either side of the gate (one post for the gate to hang from and another for the gate to latch to). All gates can include the option of no-climb extenders to continue your no-climb canopy across the cat fence gate area.

CAT Fence Access Gates

Available in different heights and from 3 feet wide to 7 feet wide. Use 1 5/8 support posts.

Can be installed using our ground sleeve system (no digging or concrete required - can also be removed later if needed) otherwise shipped to be installed in concrete

Can add no-climb hardware to create a canopy above the access gate

Short access gate notes: Gates shorter than 6 feet don't include a bar across the top of the gate, they instead include two side braces for stability. 6 foot gates and taller use a top bar to connect the hinge side post to the latch side post for stability.

CAT Fence Driveway Gates

Available in different heights and from 8feet wide up to 24 feet wide. These gates use 2 1/2 support posts and hardware.

Must be installed into concrete. Each gate includes 2/12 support posts with 1 5/8 angled side braces for stablility.

Can add no-climb hardware to create a canopy above the access gate.

Available in single leaf or dual leaf configurations. Four double gates, two independent swinging panels meet together in the middle. One panel is secured with an included drop rod.  The width selected is the total width - for example, if you choose a 12 foot wide double gate it will have two 6 foot panels creating a 12 foot opening size.

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