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Deer Fencing FAQ - Some Basic Questions and Answers

What is deer fence?
Deer Fence is a type of fencing that is used to keep out deer. It's typically 6 to 10 feet tall and can be used to keep deer and other animals out or in. 

How tall does a deer fence need to be? 
For small areas less than 100 feet in length (a 25 x 25 garden for example) - 6ft is common. For larger areas (a backyard area, a large garden or a perimeter fence) 7 1/2 ft to 10 feet is common. Some variables include how sloped the area is (if deer are travelling up a slope, a fence that is taller may not be needed - or - if your garden is downhill, you may need a taller fence) and the amount of deer pressure in your area.

What makes deer fence different from other types of fencing?
Deer fence is usually see through. Deer do not have great eyesight and if they have trouble judging the height of the fence, they won't try and jump it. Deer fencing by design usually does not have a "top rail" or framework along the top of the fence (like a chain link fence, or tennis court fence for example). This very visible framework is a benchmark for deer to try and jump and is not found as part of a deer fence. 

What type of fencing is safe for deer?

In our experience, the best installed fence for deer has 2x4 or 2x2 openings or smaller. Large opening size deer fence mesh is commonly known as field fence - it has large 4x4 openings on top ranging to smaller openings on the bottom. This is not a deer safe fence. Here's a good example deer stuck in fence - deer can get injured and die in these types of fences. 

What is deer fence made of?
Deer fence is usually made of polypropylene (a type of plastic - deer do not chew) or small opening size (2x4 or smaller) black PVC coated metal fence. 

What is the best deer fence?
The best deer fence is a fence that deer can run into at full speed and 1) not get hurt and 2) bounce off / get repelled without damaging the fence

Deer Fence Information

There are a lot of details that are specific to how to build a deer fence for example, types of deer fencing, how to choose and compare deer fencing types and more. 

How to build a deer fence
Deer fencing is attached to trees for support or to posts. Posts can be made of steel or wood and can vary in types. You can construct a deer fence using tension cable for support, or without tension cable. If you use tension cable, your deer fencing material is attached to the tension cable. If you don't, the deer fencing material is attached to fence posts with clips (t posts) or with fence ties (outdoor rated zip ties). Typically, warning banners (short lengths of white surveying tape) are hung on the fence 30 inches from the ground, every 8 feet on the fence to make sure deer see the fence so they don't run into it by accident.

Types of deer fencing
The most common two types of deer fencing are poly (short for polypropylene plastic) or metal. There are pros and cons for each:

Poly deer fencing is usually 2 inch opening size or smaller and 650 to 1400 pounds of breaking strength per square foot and is black. It's lightweight, strong and fairly inexpensive but not chew proof. 

Metal deer fencing is usually 2x4 opening size, 2x2 opening size or 1x1 opening size and is black PVC coated to make it less visible. Metal deer fencing requires more posts because it's heavier and is more expensive. It's chew proof, however and very strong.

Garden Deer Fence
Garden Deer Fence - Benners Gardens

Other information pages: about deer fence - deer proof fence - types of deer fencing - installation instructions - we also have a website dedicated exclusively to deer fence and deer fencing, deer fence

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