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Deer Fence Kits With Rodent Barrier (most popular)

This is the most popular type of deer fence kit. These kits consist of poly deer fencing (in all different heights and strengths) paired with some smaller opening size steel fencing (in different heights, strengths and opening sizes). The purpose of these fence kits is to not only exclude large animals like deer but also small animals like rabbits, groundhogs, snakes and more. These kits include extra fencing to overlap on top of the ground and to pin to the ground with included ground stakes. This covers changes in grade, peaks and valleys in your landscape. These kits also make it very easy to have a nice looking finished product; the top fencing gets installed at the top of each post while the bottom fencing takes up all the changes along the ground. The seam between the two types of fencing can be done with included fence ties or by the addition of a hogringer hand tool and hogrings found here: hogringer hand tools - Suggested: the hogringer 11/16 with 1000 included hogrings for small fences and hogringer 9/16 with 2500 hogrings separately for medium to large fences (above 500 linear feet)

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