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No Climb Fence Kits

These fence kits can be plastic with a metal base or all plastic and include a canopy that prevents animals from climbing up and over a fence. The canopy can be in one direction facing in or out, or facing both ways (no climb both ways kits). They can have overlap on the ground or no overlap on the ground.

These fence kits are usually used for keeping cats in or coyotes out. They are also good for keeping houdini climbing escape artist dogs in.

Notes on size and length: The two numbers in the item name are height and length. For example, 8 x 300 is 8 feet tall by 300 feet long. If you have a project with 600 linear feet, you would need two 8 x 300 fence kits and so on.

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Fence Kit 2C4 (7.5 x 330 Strong)
Retail: $3,475.01
Price: $3,301.26
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Fence Kit 2C6 (6 x 330 Strong)
Retail: $3,265.06
Price: $3,101.81
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