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Snake Fence Kits

These snake fence kits are what we would use (depending on your specific application) to contain or to keep out snakes.

  • Many different heights, strengths and lengths depending on what you need. This includes complete kits with a top (for containment) to keep out predaor
  • Posts can be permanent or removable depending on what you decide. For a fence to keep out snakes, some customers creating a snake fence like the capability to pick up the fence and take it down. You can do this easily with our fence system. Our posts are installed by first driving ground sleeves in the ground. Posts then slide inside the ground sleeves. To remove the fence, pull the posts up (even with the fencing attached) and store until next year. The ground sleeves stay in place for easy installation when you want to install it. You can use optional ground sleeve caps to cover the sleeves. A good example of an application like this would be installing a temporary fence to keep out snakes for when grandchildren come over to play outside in your hard. Or a fence to put up and take down during different times of the year.
  • Some larger snakes can be excluded with a 1" opening size; otherwise, choose the snake fence kits with 1/2" opening steel grid. The standard snake fence configuration is a 3 1/2 fence using 4 feet of 1/2" steel grid. 6" of fencing is overlapped AND PINNED TO THE GROUND facing outside using included ground stakes. This prevents snakes from being able to push up under the fence and covers small changes in grade. You can also bury the bottom of the fence to secure it.
  • Please give us a call or email with questions, we're here to help with your project. All fence kits are different and may or may not work depending on what you're trying to do

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