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The Deer Fencing Pioneer And Leader for over 30 years: Benner's Gardens

Protect your garden, plants and crops from deer, rabbits and other garden pests with Benner’s Garden Fence and deer fencing. Easy to install and maintain fencing to exclude deer and other animals that will last years and is nearly invisible from a distance. Environmentally friendly and animal safe, our garden fence is the solution you’ve been searching for.

Benner's Gardens was founded in 1992 making us the pioneers in deer fencing and wildlife exclusion fencing for over 30 years! Our specialty has been in creating extremely effective, durable and “virtually invisible” garden fence systems.

What makes our poly deer fencing so popular is its strength paired with being not very visible-  nearly invisible from a distance. Properly installed our materials will repel a large deer running at full speed! Our deer fencing materials are constructed from the finest polypropylene materials and UV stabilizers/ inhibitors to ensure the longest life for our products (as long as 15-25 years for our best product). Benner’s deer fencing has a unique combination of incredible strength, invisibility, and workability due to the semi round extruded shape of the polypropylene fence mesh. We offer a high-strength, weather resistant poly mesh that has become the deer control method of choice for keeping gardens, yards and animals safe.

The same applies to our metal deer fence and garden fencing. We specialize in hot dip galvanized wire fence that is black PVC coated. This means that after weaving or welding, the entire roll is dipped in zinc to galvanize it - covering all parts of the fence roll including the joints - then black PVC coated. This is an important detail that separates our product from what you would find in big box retailers or elsewhere online. Our metal fence is engineered for fence to soil contact and can be buried in the ground. 

The Benner's Deer Fencing Quality Difference

Trust Benner’s premium quality fencing solutions to provide professional, strong, weatherproof, dependable protection from even the hungriest deer and other animals. Settling for low quality fencing can end up costing you much more in the long run due to lost crops, damaged property and replacement / labor. Do it right the first time with our virtually invisible mesh fencing so you can keep your beautiful view and protect your garden.

Benner’s fencing offers a humane way to ward off unwelcome guests in your garden and yard. Our net fencing re-trains the deer from their old path or habit through your garden or yard to a new one without harming it or disrupting nature. Our process allows deer to recognize the fence and bypass that area, and at 7.5 feet high keeps the deer from jumping over. The unique “overlap” design at the bottom, along with the ground stakes keeps deer and other animals from going underneath it as well.

Unlike some fence systems on the market, our fence can be installed with basic hand tools for installation - without the use of concrete. Our versatile and customizable fencing kits are available in many heights, strengths, opening sizes and more. Don’t need the whole kit? No problem. We make it easy to get exactly what you need for your fencing project by offering specific item ordering. was acquired by Critterfence on 12/26/22 - Critterfence has specialized in shipping its own product wholesale direct to customers since the early 2000s. Critterfence was founded by employees and contractors of the original Benner's Gardens company and are still operating Critterfence today. Benner's Gardens created the modern DIY fence system commonly known as deer fence.

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