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Photo fence instructions with drawings are emailed out with your order as well as a hard copy of detailed access gate instructions with schematics.

There are many details and variables to consider when building an effective garden fence system to keep animals from eating your plants.

We have been specializing in this type of garden fencing for many years. Please give us a call with questions, we are happy to help you design your project or talk you through situations where you need help. We may be able to also pair you with a qualified person or company to install our materials for you, please visit our installation page for details here: Garden Fence Installation Service

Critter Fence With Top
Installation Video
Installation With Tensioning And Overlap
Installation Tensioning No Overlap
Standard Installation With Overlap
Standard Installation No Overlap
Sleeve Auger
Ground Sleeve Installation
Post Installation
EZ Side Brace Installation *patent pending*
Post Cable Collars
Eye Bolts Wood Install
Cable Installation
Tensioning Connector
Bottom Wire Install With Tensioning
Bottom Wire Install
No Climb Installation
No Climb Both Ways
Seasonal Fence Removal
Post To Post Clamp
Deer Fence Example
No Climb Fence Example
DIY Dog Fence Example
Single Leaf Gate
Dual Leaf Gate

Garden Fence Instructions How To FAQs

How hard is it to install a garden fence?
In general, installing your own garden fence is a do it yourself project. No special skills are needed and basic hand tools are used. It can be hard work but most don’t have any issues. Exceptions can be if you have very hard rocky ground or compacted clay soil. In those instances it’s best to use a digging bar first to test the areas where you intend to install garden fence posts. If you have dry, compacted soil it’s sometimes best to wait until after a strong rain – saturated moist soil is easier to work with than dry soil.
How long does it take to install a garden fence?
A good rule of thumb is 100 linear feet per person per day. For example, a 25x25 garden deer fence installation can be installed with an added access gate by one person in one day (depending on variables). For example, a 300 linear foot fence may take one person three days, or three people one day. Please use the above information as a guide rather than a rule.
How do you install a garden fence?
Above you will find detailed how to videos and examples of how to install a garden fence. There are animations that don’t use text language, written downloadable printed instructions for fence kits and access gates of all types.
What is the best way to install a garden fence?
The best way to install a garden fence is to have a good plan. Start by sketching out your design on paper. Use measurements that are accurate by walking the eventual fence line and counting your steps to estimate, or get a measuring wheel from a hardware store. Plan on paper where each garden fence post will go as well as access gates and corner posts with bracing if applicable. The more prepared you are the easier the fence will be to install.
What is new in garden deer fence installation for 2023?
Some new updates in garden fence installation for 2023 include no concrete needed patent pending post ground sleeves with locking set screw, easy to handle by a person black fixed knot fence rolls (formerly available in only 300+ foot rolls that require the use of machines and patent pending graduated reinforced bottom poly and metal fence mesh. We strive to innovate in our industry year after year, please check back for new and updated product offerings.
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