About Deer Fence

Benner's Gardens is the ultimate source for information about deer fence and all of your wildlife deterrent needs. We are the pioneer in deer fencing, repellants, dog enclosures, bird netting enclosures for protecting fruit bushes & trees, as well as rodent barriers for rabbits, groundhogs, squirrels etc. We also offer effective preventative systems against the coyote.

The poly deer fencing that we use at Benner's Gardens is built with a wire-like material which is very high strength and constructed using UV stable black polypropylene that is guaranteed to last for a very long time. Black was the obvious choice for us to use with our fence because it is the most difficult color to see outside or around your home or property. This means that our fencing material will not take away from the beauty of your property, and the fence is even difficult to see from distances as close as 15 to 20 feet. This fence virtually blends with your landscape. Other fencing companies tend to use wood, wire, and other conventional fencing to keep deer off a property, but there are many typical issues when using these products to protect your home.

Our deer fencing is a humane and safe way to protect a property from deer without hurting them the way other fences can. The fencing material will not take away from the appearance of a home or property. It is very easy to install and maintain this style of fencing. The most effective deer fence is a fence that is not very visible and will repel a deer running at any speed. We use durable and cost effective materials that save you money.

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