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Benner's Deer Proof Fence

Benner's Deer Proof Fencing is a high-strength, wire fence-like mesh (1.75 inch) material constructed of UV stable black polypropylene plastic. This deer fence comes in rolls that are 7 ½' feet high, and it is cost-effective, easy to install, and provides long-term deer protection without changing the appearance of the property.

The ultimate installed height of a deer proof fence is approximately 6ft or higher'. Six inches of the plastic fence grid is "flared" out onto the ground away from the protected area to keep deer from pushing underneath the fencing. For over ten years now this height has proven to be sufficient. The thin profile of the fence coupled with the fact that deer have poor depth perception and cannot see where the fencing actually starts and stops, the deer will not attempt to jump the fence. (When pressed, whitetail deer can jump over 10'). In fact, when Benner's Deer Fencing is first installed, white flagging streamers (included) need to be temporarily tied to the fencing every 10 feet so the deer do not run right into it.

Unlike electric or wire fence, Benner's deer fencing can be easily attached to existing trees (up to 20 - 25 feet apart). In areas where trees are not present, our posts (powder-coated black finish) can be installed for support. The fencing is also staked to the ground with ground stakes every five to six feet to keep the deer from pushing underneath it.

Heavy Perimeter vs. Standard Fencing

In the past, many large perimeter garden fences were constructed from unattractive and cumbersome electric or wire fence. A deer proof fence from Benner's Gardens will protect your garden and landscape in an aesthetically-pleasing way without compromising strength. "Heavy Perimeter Fencing" is very similar in design to our Standard Fencing, but is 65% stronger and was created specifically for enclosing areas larger than one-quarter acre, or for locations with high deer pressure or deer paths.

Heavy Perimeter Fencing has been designed to provide added strength for enclosures that are large enough that the deer don't easily realize that they can just walk around the protected area. For these larger enclosures, the concept of re-directing or "training" the animals to keep them out of the protected area is by itself insufficient, and our Heavy Perimeter barrier is required. The larger the area you are enclosing, the more you are changing the deer travel patterns, thus the greater the risk of them inadvertently running into the virtually invisible wire-like plastic deer fence.

We have had reports of large bucks bouncing off our Heavy Perimeter Fencing when accidentally colliding with the newly installed deer fence system at full speed. Virtually all enclosures over 1/4 acre are now being protected with Heavy Perimeter Fencing with two black tension cables (at the top and 3' off the ground - the "impact zone").

Although deer running into our fencing has been an infrequent occurrence, it has typically happened in more heavily developed areas where there are higher concentrations of animal-life and where dogs, cars, or other means can frighten the deer. Many suburban metropolitan areas where no hunting takes place, are currently experiencing excessive pressure, and will benefit from the heavier deer fencing. With either of our plastic, non-electric wire fence-like materials, once the deer have been properly trained, they will re-direct their paths and avoid your property entirely.

The key to successful deer damage prevention is total enclosure of the area to be protected. If this is not done, deer will wander the perimeter of the fenced area until they find an opening, enter the property, and become trapped inside. Note: It is important to mention that in moderate to high-pressure deer areas we have repeated reports from electric deer fence users that the deer are "diving" between the wire fence strands and ignoring the mild shock to gain access to the enclosed area. In these situations, many people will actually run our high-strength plastic deer fence grid right behind the electric wire fence, often attaching to it directly with fence ties.

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