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Testimonials, Customer Reviews and Customer Photos

Custom deer fence I built using wooden posts. - Dominic W. - NY

The Benner's deer fence kept our daughter's 'wedding garden' perfectly safe!! Not so much as one blossom was munched. I was able to make every bouquet and centerpiece with the most beautiful flowers. I can't imagine what stress we would have endured had we not installed the fence. There were many evenings I found the deer longingly looking through the fence, drooling! I dealt with David and he could not have been more helpful or more kind! I would (and do) recommend Benner's to everyone! We used galvanized posts to keep the costs down as this garden is more utilitarian than aesthetic. The fencing is almost invisible and I am sure with the black posts you would not see it unless right on top of it. - Kathleen Murphy

Installed deer fencing makes day lilies possible. We are also sincerely grateful for your fence product. Numerous strategies were tried, but nothing else worked. The fence was relatively easy to install, as long as the post didn’t run into too many rocks. The secondary short metal fence, folded onto the ground, was critical for keeping out rabbits. Thanks for making this beautiful garden possible. My pictures are generally not intended to show the fencing product, but I’ll pay more attention going forward. And since you asked, I’ll share another picture. This has nothing to do with fencing, except that the flower would not exist but for the fence. This is a new cultivar created by Katie and probably appears someplace in the original picture. Thanks again.

-Robert & Kathleen

We have used the 8 foot deer fence for several years and love it!!! We live in an area where no spray, powder or any wives tale mixture keep the deer away...Benner's deer fence works 100% of the time!!! Enjoy my pictures.

-Michael F

Your deer fence has worked for me over the years. - Jim K

Love it! Now I can grow fruit and flowers and you can hardly see the fencing! -Denise

I used Benner's Deer Fence to fence in a large area on my wooded property for my dogs to go to exercise their sniffers! My dog trainer suggested it to help my dog Max expend some energy so he wouldn't bark so much. (Hence the name, "HushPuppy Forest"!)

I am a professional dog trainer and have used Benner’s fencing solutions since 2005, the installation date of the fence in these pictures! It is virtually invisible, indestructible, easy to install and a secure solution for even 150 pound large dogs – yes, I’ve had a 160# Doberman hit this fence at a full speed run and bounce off –he was a little dazed but the fence was fine! You can barely see the fence posts in the upper right and behind the agility table in the picture of Max, the 160# Doberman. - Lee Mann - Certified Master Trainer, Dog Days Academy

We live on Nantucket where we have a huge deer population that is almost unmanageable. We had to protect a recently planted vineyard. Our lawn maintenance firm suggested Benner's Gardens. Benner’s "on-line" link is well thought-out and their personnel consulting excellent. The product was delivered on time as promised. Installation was relatively easy and everything worked and went together as expected, NO Surprises! The best part is that the deer fencing and poles blend in with the natural surroundings and keeps the deer out. The cost to value is terrific. Thank you again for your generous support! - T. Olbres - Nantucket, MA

Dear Friends at Benners Gardens,

Thank you very much for your gift of deer and rodent fencing to the North Carolina Botanical Garden designated for the Carolina Campus Community Garden.

We have notified Clare Lorch of your kind donation and are grateful for your support of our Campus Community Garden.

North Carolina

Botanical Garden Staff

I purchased a very large roll of your standard deer fencing probably more than fifteen years ago. We used it to enclose a large vegetable garden and it worked wonderfully. We have since moved the garden and moved the fencing as well. This product is pretty indestructible! And we have used it for so much more than just enclosing our garden for deer protection We have used it as a cover for our chicken runs. We have covered our ponds to keep herons and raccoons out. We’ve used it as a trellis for growing gourds and other climbers. I’m sure we’ll come up with many more uses as well!


We put up 300 ft of fencing last year and we are having so much FUN finally having a garden! This product is awesome and we recommend to everyone we know.


Bandon, OR

Dear Mr. Ring

Thank you for your generous and outstanding contribution to our Holiday season's Open House Event. It was a pleasure working with you, Joan Camilli, and your staff.

Santa, his elves and his reindeer were greeting visitors and friends with candy canes, cookies and beverages. Snow was on the ground. It was quite a festive scene.

The deer fence you provided made a great enclosure in which both children and adults could safely meet and pet Santa's reindeer, have pictures taken, and share time with one another.

As an organization pledged to supporting and serving American Veterans, we appreciate your contribution to that mission by helping us raise awareness in our local community. On behalf of our membership, thank you again for your kindness, generosity and support.

Thomas J. Shallow


Sons of the American Legion

Pennsylvania Post 355

Daniel McCollum

Deputy District Commander

9th District, Pennsylvania

American Legion

Awesome! I hope it is helpful to others to envision their garden project. The boxes are up cycled volvo parts shipping boxes - they came hinged! heat treated not pressure treated - such a find! The ladders I found at a flea marketing used them was trellises. Love them. I cant wait to redo our fruit garden fence. Hopefully next year. I am telling everyone about your product!

Many thanks.

Robyn Field

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