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Garden Fence Photos

Garden Fence With Gate
Customer submitted photos and photos submitted by Critterfence trained installers
Garden Fence Photos

Garden Fence Example of 6x100 1x1 Black Grid

by | Wednesday, January 17, 2024 |

Bobby from PA used our 6x100 1x1 black grid for his deer and bird fence. He wrote, "Your critterfence is absolutely the best for this project. No more deer eating my tomatoes and no more birds sniping my pepper plants."

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Fencing Over Tomatoes

by | Monday, November 29, 2021 |

Mary K A from Johns Creek, GA used our fence kit with top to protect her tomato garden from squirrels. She writes, "I’ve already seen a squirrel attempt entry and he was foiled! Woo hoo. Along the bottom of the area, 2” critter fence is extended into the ground. 8’ fencing reaches to the top rail and more covers the top. It looks very nice and I am hopeful I will get to can this year."  ...

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