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The highest quality and least visible garden fence materials - create your own nearly invisible garden fence (not electric fence) to keep animals out.

Not all fence materials of this type on the market are the same. There is a vast difference between what is on the market. The purpose of this page is to hopefully explain what we have to offer and what the difference is between different types of garden fencing and why those differences are important.

Since 1992, we've spent many years adjusting this fence system over time. These are the same garden fence materials that are professionally installed by fence companies, landscapers, wildlife professionals, municipalities, rescue organizations and more around the country. For more information on our pricing, discounts and wholesale direct sales model, please visit: wholesale garden fence

Fence Kits

Our garden fence kits and other fence kits are designed to be installed by homeowners and contractors alike. Put together by standard tools, we believe we offer the highest quality, easiest to install, most effective and least visible garden fence materials on the market.

What does that mean?


  • 16ga round galvanized line posts that are black gloss powder coated - strong & long lasting - (not vinyl coated, thicker than 17ga found elsewhere). Some posts on the market are not galvanized, only black coated. Round posts are ideal for animal containment or exclusion because they have strength in a complete circle. Some posts like t posts have good side to side strength, but not great forward and back strength (where deer may run into your fence)
  • The best available poly & wire garden fencing (see below for details) - strong & long lasting
  • Access gates 3-24 feet wide with galvanized black gloss powder coated tubing with all steel corners and fittings (not aluminum which can crack under stress)- strong & long lasting
  • Many options - we offer over 1000 different fence kits and combinations of materials to offer you exactly what you need.


No dig ground sleeves for line post, post brace, corner post and gate installation. This means no concrete is necessary and no digging to make installation easy. Posts lock in place with a locking set screw inside the ground sleeve (patent pending).

Here's an example of how our posts and ground sleeves work:

Locking set screws make fence posts permanent, movable or seasonally removable


  • Most traditional fence leaves gaps at the bottom for deer and other animals to get through. Our fence kits with overlap include extra fencing to overlap onto the ground and pin to the ground so animals can't get through. It's common for deer to use the tips of their noses to try and push up under a fence for access. They have also been known to try and slide under sideways on their sides!
  • Our poly fence is strong but flexible; large animals like deer can run into the fence full speed and bounce off without getting hurt.
  • Small opening size mesh - available in different opening sizes 1/4" - 1/2" and up to keep even the smallest animals out.
  • Can be buried in a trench - our small opening mesh is hot dip galvanized after welding then black PVC coated for long life, even with fence to soil contact around a garden.
  • No-climb garden fence systems and fences with a top to keep in or out all animals including cats, squirrels, predator birds, coyotes & more.
  • We do not suggest using any garden fence where the opening size is more than 2 inches square. Deer and other animals will get caught up in large opening size fence and will get hurt. The worst example of this would be a highly visible 4 inch opening field fence or woven wire knotted fence. Examples can be found by Googling "deer stuck in fence". Popular garden fences have larger 2 inch openings on the top and much smaller openings 1/2x1/2 to 1 inch on the bottom. Recently, it has become more popular to use 1 inch mesh for the entire garden fence.


  • All black posts, ground sleeves, gate hardware, post hardware and even hogring connectors - this means from as little as 20 feet away your deer fence will disappear. We believe we have the least visible fence system in the world with exclusive components you won't find anywhere else, parts that are unique and specific to Critterfence.
  • For deer exclusion specifically: The less visible your fence is the more effective it will be at keeping out deer. Research has shown that if deer can't judge the height of a fence (poor eyesight and depth perception) they won't try and jump it. For deer you need the least visible fence that is also strong enough; if they run into it by accident they will bounce off. To have an effective garden fence or a fence that will blend in well with your landscape, you need the least visible material you can get that will do the job. This is where the term invisible garden fence comes from. The beauty of this type of material is it will disappear from a short distance away (as little as 20 feet away). This is especially important for those customers trying to preserve a nice view from their back yard or don't like the look of a tall barrier fence. This material is truly an invisible garden fence from a few feet away.
All Black Critter Fence Parts
no dig nearly invisible backyard fence

Types of Fencing Material

There are different grades of garden fence material and accessories depending on your application. This includes all metal garden fence. Please be sure to do your research in selecting what you need for your project. There are many catalog companies and online re-sellers now online mass marketing what appear to be the same products.


We specialize in high breaking strength, small opening size metal fencing that is galvanized after welding (or weaving) then black PVC coated. We don't recommend or suggest to our customers any wire fence that is not galvanized after weaving or welded. This is an important distinction that may be overlooked when comparing competitor products.

Popular sizes are 1"x1" and 2"x2". We do not recommend any fence with an opening size larger than 2" which will trap or hurt animals. We also do not promote the use of barbed wire fence that can hurt animals.

Single strand electric fence is not as effective for wild animals and deer. It's most often used with farm animals where you can shock them once to teach them the danger of electric fence. Wild animals will run into the fence and break the strand. That one deer may not come back (because you shocked them) but the fence is now broken. Research has shown that electric fence is not a reliable fence for a garden. If you have a need for an electrified garden fence, consider our poly electric garden fencing. It pairs a real, physical barrier with the benefits of an electric garden fence.


There are many different types of poly garden fencing on the market. In this section, we hope to explain what we offer for our Crittefence brand poly fence and why.

  • Poly garden fencing can be made of polypropylene or polyethylene with different percentages of virgin material and recycled material
  • Poly garden fencing can be made with different amounts and types of UV inhibiting additives (this is what prevents the fencing from breaking down in sunlight)
  • Poly garden fencing can be extruded round strand, semi-round strand, flat strand or knitted with different square shapes - some are rectangular, some are very straight and square, some are slightly twisted squares.
  • Poly garden fencing can be made in different weights, strengths, heights and lengths. It can also be configured in different opening sizes. It can be folded or spooled full length.
  • Poly garden fencing can have a reinforced bottom edge and/or a enhanced (thicker) top border.
  • Poly garden fencing can have structure or be very floppy (soccer net material is polyethylene for example, if you don't pull it up it will fall down). It can be stretchy or rigid.
  • Poly garden fencing can have one finished edge and one unfinished (cut, irregular) edge or two cut edges.


  • Made of 100% virgin polypropylene and 0% recycled polypropylene. This preserves the integrity of the entire fence mesh.
  • Made with UV inhibitors with outdoor life spans of up to 15 years, 20 years and 25 years depending on the type of Critterfence poly.
  • Extruded in the semi-round/round strand type. Without question this type of engineered product has a higher breaking strength per square foot. If you take two pieces of the same weight polypropylene material, this type will have a higher breaking strength per strand and also per square foot (poly fence mesh strength is measured in breaking strength per square foot). This type is also less visible than other designs. Please see notes above on why the least visible fence is important. This type also has more linear, equal sized squares that look better than other types up close.
  • Made and wrapped with heavy plastic wrap and taped with heavy tape for shipping protection, some rolls are shipped in cardboard boxes.
  • Made in different breaking strengths from 650 pounds of breaking strength per square foot up to 1400 pounds or more. Typically, fence mesh with less than this amount of strength can be broken by hand (if you pull on it with two hands it will break). This strength fence material is not suitable for animal containment or to keep out deer. In big box stores and mass marketers online you will often find this inexpensive material. Its usually bird netting that is 3/4" to 1" opening size +/- marketed as deer fence or garden fence. Also, anything referred to as "deer netting" is usually lightweight. Some of these products are best used to drape over vegetation to prevent browsing only.
  • We offer the reinforced bottom garden fence mesh but do not offer or suggest using an enhanced top border. The top border is often used in polyethylene fence which has to be pulled tight to be held up. A very visible top border is not suggested for keeping deer out, please see LEAST VISIBLE notes above
  • Made with structure - Our Critterfence fence mesh does nearly stand up on it's own. It requires fence posts and support, but compared to other poly fence types it's rigid. It also stretches less than other types.
  • Made with one finished edge and one cut edge. This is important when working with the deer fence material - cut edges can hurt hands (and also animals). Typically customers install the finished edge on top with the cut unfinished edge on the bottom. Note: our reinforced bottom fence mesh types is semi-finished on the bottom (may have some irregularities and burrs but in general this type of fence roll has two finished edges one top and one reinforced bottom)


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Garden fences for tick control

Studies have shown that a backyard garden fence once installed will exclude 90% of ticks over time. By keeping out deer (and the ticks they carry) you can help prevent tick borne diseases like Lyme disease.

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