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Item #: 685248511732
Weight: 244.00 lbs.
Price: $826.91


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     Price Each 

    • 4 black steel 1 5/8 7 1/2 ft finished height fence support posts
    • 4 caps for posts (installed on posts already)
    • 4 no-dig ground sleeves for posts
    • 4 locking set screws installed in sleeves (makes posts removable or permanent - patent pending)
    • 8 black steel 1 3/8 89" framing posts
    • 1 7 1/2ft x 100ft roll of Critterfence Steel Grid square black PVC coated galvanized steel 1" opening size
    • 1 10" 120lb breaking strength black fence ties 100pk
    • 1 12" kinked galvanized ground stakes 30pk
    • 4 1 5/8 to 1 3/8 black center clamp hardware
    • 4 1 5/8 to 1 3/8 black end clamp hardware
    • 4 1 3/8 to 1 3/8 black end clamp hardware
    • 25 black self tapping screws
    • 1 fence instructions

    Installed rear extension kit dimensions:

    7 1/2 feet wide by 15 feet long

    7 1/2 feet tall outside and 7 feet inside overhead clearance

    These add-on kits will only work in conjunction with another kit (Fence Kit With Top 4 in this case). Some of the hardware in your original kit will be re-used and replaced with new hardware from this kit.


    Posts are round galvanized inside and out then black powder coated - no-dig sleeves are heavily galvanized inside and out for extreme long life - ground sleeves go into the ground 30", the finished height of the fence posts is the height above ground (for example, 8ft finished height is 8 feet above the ground once the sleeve is in the ground and the post has been installed into the sleeve).

    All posts with ground sleeves can be installed permanently or made removable. No dig ground sleeves get driven into the ground with a sledge hammer (available here on our website if needed: sledge hammer), posts then slide inside the sleeve and lock in with a locking set screw (patent pending). To remove posts for seasonal protection or to move your fence: 1) cut fence ties holding fence to posts 2) roll up fencing 3) slide post up out of sleeve. To make posts permanent, tighten the locking set screw in each sleeve to prevent the post from spinning or coming up out of the post.

    For rocky or heavily compacted ground, we suggest using a san angelo digging bar to pilot the hole for sleeves (instructions with kit). They are available here on our website if needed: san angelo digging bar. You can also use a powered drill or hammer drill with our sleeve auger bit found here: sleeve auger

    These fence kits are designed to be installed on level and flat areas. If you're installing this over an area that has slope or is pitched in one direction, some cutting or modifying of the fence post height will be required. This may make the overall height of your fence shorter. For example, if you are installing in an area that slopes higher to lower, to make the enclosure level, you would cut the front posts 1" for example, the middle posts 1/2" for example and leave the rear posts.

    These fence kits start with approximately 7 feet of overhead clearance. The side posts are 7 1/2 feet out of the ground but some space is needed for the framing and side bracing. Access gates are available separately; select 7 foot tall gates or shorter for proper installed clearance.

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